How businesses attract free likes and following on twitter

Twitter is undoubtedly a great marketing platform. In fact, with only 140 characters allowed and people’s tendency to ignore personal and lifestyle tweets becoming a norm, most brands and businesses have increasingly seen the need to increase their customer reach on the platform. And one great way to do so is by tweeting from a social angle rather than plain marketing. Instead of forcing a product on people, tweeting social messages that relate to trending activities have become the new method of attracting more likes and retweets on the following.

Moreover, using the word retweet and please can boost the number of free likes you get as a business. Adding great pictures to your posts and a strong call to action message can also better the way people interpret your tweets. In any case, businesses are most likely usually after the retweets, more followers and ultimately more customers. This therefore means that your posts as a brand should always be geared towards encouraging people to share your tweets, give you the free likes and become your customers in the long run. Finally, learn to tweet more during the day. You will get more likes and retweets at the time.