Why are Snapchat videos so short?

A Snapchat video is only 10 seconds long a fact that users need to put into perspective.  If you want to make an impact with a video make sure it short and serves the reason it is mean to be by being captivating. Snapchat has a large number of followers and it might be so embarrassing to post a video that is not meant for the social media.   The good thing with Snapchat views is that your photos, stories or even videos are laid down in a chronological order.  Each time you post anything new, the old is pushed back.

What people like about this feature is that, there are no ugly scenes somebody would want to bring up. The photos if not pushed back are deleted completely and can never be retrieved from the system.  The popularity of Snapchat is on the rise and users find it an easier mode of communication as you only post what you want and no history is left behind.   What most people fail to understand when posting their snaps is that for your snap to have a 24 hour lifeline, you need to add a story.  It gives it a longer viewing time among viewers.